We are quite familiar with the word “food” and it might sound surprising that why this topic is a matter of concern. We all love to eat food no matter what it costs. But only a few of the people do really bother to know which food is a perfect one and which should be avoided. Moreover, some people do not have any idea either about the number of people dying each day out of starvation. Education is an utmost point. So, in this article, each of such aspect will be dealt minutely.


Food is something that is consumed by the mouth, moves to the stomach and then gets processed by the enzymes to support the life of an organism. The food objects that are consumed are usually of plant and animal origin. The materials that compose foodstuffs are the nutrients like the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and even some micronutrients. The assembled form of each type of the food takes the form of a balanced diet which gives energy, improves mental health, stimulates the growth and even makes possible to sustain life.


Right to food is a human right. This means that every organism has the scope to enjoy all the foods and grow and develop I a healthy manner by the consumption of the foods. But, unfortunately, the prospect of a right to food is totally misbalance all over the world. The reasons behind such an inequality are varied.


As we all know, the main sources of foodstuffs are either the plants or the animals. However, there are classifications within this.

  • Some foodstuffs can be directly consumed while some others need to be cooked to acquire proper nutrient level and be digestible to the body.
  • The cereals are the main foodstuffs and are the staple diet. The cereals like maize, rice, wheat, millets are the major ingredients that are consumed to provide the prime nutrition level.
  • There are some foodstuffs like the mushrooms are also consumed. There are some bacteria, yeast that can be used for the process of fermentation especially in the form of bread and breweries.
  • The leguminous seeds are a rich source of nutrients in the form of fats and also some other nutrients.
  • The animal proteins are the major nutrients in the form of the nutrients to those who mostly rely on the nutrient that is derived from fish, chicken and even red meat. 


According to the nutrient levels, the foodstuffs may be categorized into many types. Some of the major types are the Comfort food, Fast food, Natural food, Junk food, Organic food and the Wholefood.

  1. Comfort food– comfort foods are those that are valued to maintain the sentimental value for a person. The calorific values of such foods are too high with an addition of the nutrient levels and are also easy to be cooked.
  2. Fast food– these foodstuffs are those that are prepared and served quickly. They are mostly a deteriorating one for heath. The nutrient levels of such foodstuffs are quite misbalanced.
  3. Junk food- these foods are those that possess high calories, fat and sugar and a lesser amount of real nutrients. So, they are the major causes of health deterioration.
  4. Natural foods– these foodstuffs are those in which all the ingredients are wholly natural in their composition.
  5. Organic foods– these foodstuffs are grown by the organic farming. The best point in organic farming is that the farmers make less use of the fertilizers and the pesticides.
  6. Whole Grains– these include the substances like the whole grains, tubers, legumes.


We are always happy enough that we have so much to enjoy that we do not have to hope for something better. But it is a fact that a person is dying every 10 seconds in the world due to starvation.

People just carelessly waste food and throw away the leftovers without bothering about the people dying at other places. In some regions of Somalia, regular famines kill people. Some children also die out of malnutrition.

The number of the deaths is increasing in those countries which are regularly fighting for rights especially in the areas which are war prone. In some places, the female society is disobeyed with lesser food.


There are a plenty of reasons to kill people. But the clues to curb this situation are still unclear. People keep on throwing foodstuffs, dispose them off at certain places to decompose and then become least bothered. However, strict steps have been taken on behalf of UNICEF and WHO to aid such countries. The only hope that remains with us is tee expectation of a better future.